Meet the Creative Team. Remi previews his forthcoming choreography for ODD Continent.

The Making of Homebody. NTR documentary about the ODD Continent production.

Pas de deux from Homebody. Choreographed by Remi Wörtmeyer for ODD Continent. Danced by Milena Sidorova and Casey Herd.

The Making of Magdalene. Behind-the-scenes documentary by Mat Gremillet in which Remi discusses his choreography for Dutch National Ballet.

Magdalene, or, In Defence of Beauty. Choreographed by Remi Wörtmeyer for Dutch National Ballet from a libretto by Malcolm Rock. Performed by Nadia Yanowsky, Alistair Shelton-Smith and Casey Herd.

Bijou. Choreographed by Remi Wörtmeyer for Dutch National Ballet. Danced by Erica Horwood and Sebastien Galtier.

Tadzio (rehearsal). Choreographed by Remi Wörtmeyer for Melbourne Ballet Company. Danced by Remi Wörtmeyer, Karen Nanasca and Ashton Curtis.

Eleventh Hour. Choreographed by Remi Wörtmeyer for Dutch National Ballet. Danced by Nadia Yanowsky and Remi Wörtmeyer.


Fade Not. Choreographed by Remi Wörtmeyer for The Australian Ballet. Performed by Naomi Johns, Gina Brescianini and Paul Knobloch.