Cooler than the red dress

Visit the dance images page for new snaps of the Eleventh Hour performance and rehearsals. Eleventh Hour was choreographed by Remi for the Dutch National Ballet New Moves season and was danced by himself and Nadia Yanowsky. You can watch footage of the ballet at dance videos. Images by Casey Herd.

Wrote Remi in his programme notes: “Nadia immediately caught my eye and has provoked my imagination since the day I joined Dutch National Ballet. I told her so during our very first class together six months ago, but I doubt she remembers. We were fortunate to share the stage earlier this year for William Forsythe’s In the Middle Somewhat Elevated, and we have been looking for another chance to dance together. Thanks to Ted Brandsen, who encouraged me to choreograph this short, romantic pas de deux, we are able to perform for you again. What you are about to see is my response to Ted’s kind request, as well as to Nadia’s unique versatility as a dramatic dancer.”

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