More of this please!

Remi’s new Tadzio ballet, which premiered last month, has received excellent feedback from Melbourne critics. The Herald Sun’s Chris Boyd wrote that it was the most satisfying dance of the evening: “The compact but brilliant Tadzio by Remi Wörtmeyer [is] a work I’d be happy to see over and over”. Meanwhile Dance Australia editor Karen van Ulzen wrote that “the highlight of the program was a fragment, Tadzio, choreographed to Benjamin Britten’s opera Death in Venice. It is a simple enough conception, but with choreography that flowed easily and flattered the dancers, and enough hint of narrative drive to pique the interest. More of this sort of thing please!” Congratulations to the dancers who brought Tadzio to life, and many thanks to the critics who took the time to publish their thoughts.

3 thoughts on “More of this please!

  1. Hey Rem…

    i hope to see an update on your time so far in NDL very soon on your blog… Love to you from the family. Madeleine xo

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