The sweetest swoon

The final reviews have been published and Fade Not has proved to critics just how well ballet and opera can unite on the stage. Journalists in Sydney wrote that the ballet used “a poignant theme” (Sydney Morning Herald) to create “a moving piece in which the dance rose and fell with the tide of feeling” (The Daily Telegraph). National daily The Australian compared Remi’s choreography with that of Kenneth MacMillan while The Australian Stage praised “librettist and eminent director Malcolm Rock” for his words and Lisa Cheney for her score that was “the sweetest swoon, enchanting”. It also asserted that Fade Not was “the most unexpected, non-conformist” work of the 2009 Bodytorque programme. Michelle Potter of the Canberra Times summed it up best as “a courageous experiment in linking dancer and singer, movement and voice” with “an innate sense of clarity and harmony”. She wrote that the ballet-opera was able to “grab the audience’s attention from the opening moment and hold it throughout … with a strongly focussed approach”. Many thanks to those critics who took the time to write about the show.

3 thoughts on “The sweetest swoon

  1. The classical nature of your ballet works so well because of the truly classical nature of the relationship between mother and daughter, which could have worked just as well as mother and son except for the last scene where the daughter lies down with her soulmate and pulls his arm over and around her to symbolise, for me, her letting go of her mother and replacing her with her soulmate. I simply do not think that any other style of dance could have expressed the emotion and feelings of all the roles being portrayed in your ballet. It really does work for me and I am confident that many other people in the audience are getting the enjoyment from your work that you wanted us to have. Hope I have been able to express myself in a way that conveys to you my enthusiasm for your ballet.

  2. Hi Remi
    I keep forgetting to visit your site. I’ve been wanting to write you a message for ages! I thought Bodytorque was such a great night of dance and your ballet really stood out from the rest. I was only sorry that it was the shortest of the five – way to keep us wanting more!!! The critiques here are well deserved, feel free to add: Fade Not left me breathless!

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