Nurturing the next generation

This is a picture of me with Jesse Scales. We are at Terry Simpson Studios in Adelaide – my ballet school where as a child I discovered the joys of dance. Jesse is an impressive young dancer with confidence and a generous attention to improvement and I am coaching her in preparation for a number of upcoming auditions and competitions, including this year’s Genee.  Remi

Remi coaching Jesse Scales

Remi coaching Jesse Scales

3 thoughts on “Nurturing the next generation

  1. Hi Remi!
    I would just like to say thankyou again for coaching my solos. It was an amazing experience to say the least and I gained so much from it. From perfecting the two different styles to relaxing my upper body and becoming the character, every moment was exciting. Oh, and I’m now doing the manege at the end of Aurora!
    I’d also like to thank you as, because of your coaching, I have been given a three week scholarship to study with Complexions Contemporary Ballet Company in New York by the Artistic Director, Desmond Richardson! It is an amazing opportunity and I cant wait to go!
    Thanks again
    Jesse Scales
    Terry Simpson Studios

  2. Hi Remi & Jesse,
    This is a “blast from the past”…..but I would like to wish you Jesse all the best for your forthcoming New York experience & Remi, for the Dance awards and the rest of the Aust. Ballet year ahead.
    PS. Remi, I remember teaching you in Terry’s studio….not too long ago!!!
    Chukkus & Cheers
    Di (Storer)

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