Remi Des Grieux

Most balletomanes would argue that Manon is Kenneth MacMillan’s signature story ballet. Later this month Remi will make his debut in its principal role. He will dance Chevalier Des Grieux to Rachel Rawlins’ lovesick Manon at the Arts Centre in Melbourne, first at 1.30pm on Saturday 20 September, then again at 6.30pm on Tuesday 23 September. Book tickets. You can read more about Remi and his thoughts on the role here.

4 thoughts on “Remi Des Grieux

  1. You were enchanting during the Saturday matinee. My sister and I were moved like never before in the ballet. I have bought tickets to Tuesday’s performance in order to see you again!

  2. It was definitely worth queueing behind all those football fans for tickets to last night’s Manon. Your Des Grieux was sensational both technically and dramatically,bravo!

  3. I was simply mesmerised by your performance in Manon Tuesday night. After Suite Of Dances and Symphonie Fantastique (I loved that ballet) you have become my favourite dancer in the company. You shine and then you SHINE! I can’t wait to see what comes next!

  4. You have the gift of turning polished steps and clean technique into the magic of truth and romance. Your capacity to tell a fresh story within the limits of familiar choreography seems to me second to none. Your Des Grieux was exceptional and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to see you dance in this great ballet. Bless you.

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