Carlos Acosta in Melbourne

International ballet superstar Carlos Acosta precedes Remi in two shows as part of the Jerome Robbins: A Celebration season at the Victorian Arts Centre.  Carlos is in Melbourne dancing Afternoon Of A Faun with Kirsty Martin, which is immediately followed by Remi’s solo performance of A Suite Of Dances on June 12 and 14 at 7.30pm.  Click here to book tickets.

2 thoughts on “Carlos Acosta in Melbourne

  1. Has Carlos ever been to Australia before? I saw him at the Royal Opera House and fell in love. Seeing him at the Arts Centre on Thursday was a dream come true. But then you came on and were something else, so tender. No wonder you received greater applause than Carlos!

  2. Ola Remi. ¿Como estás? ¿Ja te recuperó de todo el esfuerzo y concentracion en las belas danzas? Me encantaría verlo en el Cientro de Artes de Victoria. Tu sabes como te admiro como persona y grande bailarino. Te deseo mucho sucesso. Cariño, Stela.

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