Fantastique praise

Another opening night and another enthusiastic response to Remi’s latest performance.  Today The Australian newspaper wrote that Krzysztof Pastor’s Symphonie Fantastique, “rises to success in the pastoral third scene … with the best choreography, Remi Wörtmeyer and Rachel Rawlins bring warmth and wonder to the pastoral couple”. 

Meanwhile, the Adelaide Advertiser wrote that, “Remi Wörtmeyer, Luke Ingham and Danielle Rowe each provide star turns in the three pieces on this outstanding program.  Wörtmeyer and Rachel Rawlins are wonderful in their featured pas de deux in Krzysztof Pastor’s Symphonie Fantastique“, which was followed by the Sunday Mail comment that, “The pairing of Rachel Rawlins and Remi Wörtmeyer as the ‘pastoral couple’ was extremely successful, as Adelaide-born Remi’s cheer squad amply demonstrated in due course!”

The Australian Ballet’s French Connections season runs until Tuesday 27 May at the Adelaide Festival Centre, after which Remi will return to Melbourne to  prepare for Jerome Robbins: A Celebration at the Victorian Arts Centre.

One thought on “Fantastique praise

  1. Hi Remi,
    I saw French Connection in Adelaide in May and thought you were wonderful. It was so amazing to watch you dance after so many years, you were truly fantastic! Em xox

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