Suite success in Sydney

Remi’s premiere performance of A Suite Of Dances by renowned American choreographer Jerome Robbins was a hit with audiences this week.  He will dance the dynamic solo five more times at the Sydney Opera House on May 6, 7, 8, 10 and 16.  You can book online through Ticketek.  Here’s what the critics have said:

A Suite Of Dances is lyrical and interesting.  A single dancer on stage moving to a cellist in a kind of velvet flirtation which was simply wonderful to watch”  The Daily Telegraph

“The highlight?  Ten minutes of perfection in A Suite of Dances, featuring one dancer’s whimsical interpretation of a Keystone Cops-style routine danced to movements from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suites for Solo Cello.  Bravo”  Sydney Morning Herald

5 thoughts on “Suite success in Sydney

  1. I was at that show and you were really amazing! Definitely the highlight of the night. I wish I could afford to see it again because I love the Australian Ballet and it’s so exciting following young dancers like you as you climb the ranks! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on a wonderful performance this week Remi. My wife and I have followed your career with interest and what a treat it was to watch you command the Opera House stage alone. You have grown into a fine mature performer with grace and cheek that keep us guessing. It is good to read that you will have further opportunities to dance this piece for Sydney audiences – we certainly appreciate it. Best wishes, Ian and Kay

  3. Watching you in Suite was enchanting. I have never been so drawn to one dancer performing all on his (or her) own. 20 minutes was it? I could have watched for hours. Best thing I’ve seen in years.

  4. I’ve seen Jerome Robbins performed around the globe and thank the ballet gods we have dancers like you in this country to show just what is meant by world class … bravo indeed!

  5. Remi is such a wonderful dancer, I find him just beautiful to watch and he’s an inspiration to me. Remi is so amazing in all his performance’s and I would love to have a career in dance that is as successful as his.

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