Back in Adelaide

Later this month I will get to spend some quality time in my home town of Adelaide while dancing Symphonie Fantastique by Krzysztof Pastor.  Principal ballerina Rachel Rawlins will be my partner on opening night, 23 May, then again on May 24 and 27.  You can book tickets online by visiting the Adelaide Festival Theatre website.

It’s always fun dancing this role because it was created on me by Pastor last year and I have nurtured it ever since.  Pastor’s ballet involves an artist’s vision of a couple in love.  According to the programme notes, “[the lovers’] song fills him with a feeling of tranquillity; the belief that true love is possible”.

As a bonus, I will also be dancing the Sleeping Beauty pas de deux from Aurora’s Wedding with Robyn Hendricks as part of the 27 May education programme.  Remi

Symphonie Fantastique with Madeline Eastoe (image Jim McFarlane)

4 thoughts on “Back in Adelaide

  1. It’ll be great having you back! There’s a group of us here who always look forward to your seasons in Adelaide … you are South Australia’s high-flying hero!!!

  2. Hey Rem

    Was great to see you again, you will always be a special friend regardless of the years that past. Felt like I had just seen you yesterday, although it had been 4 years. You’re amazing, talented and a shining dancer. I’m very proud of everything you have achieved. Renee x

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