Who’s Who in Australia

Earlier this year Remi was selected for inclusion in the Who’s Who In Australia biographical reference publication series.  According to its publishers, Crown Content, “Who’s Who In South Australia documents the lives and achievements of the people who embody the South Australian spirit and have significantly contributed to the state’s growth and development”.

The first edition is now available and Remi’s latest accomplishments will be included in annual updates.  Here’s how he answered questions from Who’s Who’s editor:

Aim:  “I hope to be remembered alongside ballet’s great innovators including Nureyev, Baryshnikov and Helpmann by dedicating myself to a profession that can inspire and elate the minds and hearts of receptive audiences.”

Maxim:  “A life in ballet is a life lived ad astra.  A passion for poise and ache for the enchanting have driven me to aim for the stars.  Elevating an audience requires enough momentum to pierce the stratosphere, but sometimes the most subtle stance or minute manoeuvre can change the world.”

On South Australia: “Thanks to a career that finds me in many challenging and unexpected places all around the world I often feel my feet live far from the ground.  Adelaide is where I come to land and rest with my family. Its many ballet schools and children’s dance companies provide wonderful opportunities for young dancers to perform and progress.  South Australia is where I commenced my adventures in ballet and I will forever hold it dear.”

On family:  “My parents have been supportive of my choices since the beginning.  From days mum would hand-sew my childhood ballet costumes to dad’s regular road-trips to Melbourne and Sydney for my Australian Ballet premieres, they have long fostered and encouraged my talents.  Mum in particular has been my best guide towards artistic integrity and fulfillment.  The self-belief I have should be attributed to my family and its closeness.”

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